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Over 100 of the World's Best Bands
Use the ButtKicker!

ButtKicker Concert - designed for music.

Low end response for your stage, studio or rehearsal room monitoring can now be accurate, powerful and incredibly tight.

Designed specifically for musician monitoring, stage and studio use, the ButtKicker Concert low frequency audio transducer is used by over 100 of the world’s top touring groups - The Rolling Stones, Green Day, Shania Twain, Usher, Alanis Morissette, My Chemical Romance, Los Lonely Boys and many, many others.

BK Concert

ButtKicker products fit any application

Whether you’re looking for precise drum monitoring, accurate control of bass in your mixes, or even a tactile “click track”, ButtKicker products will deliver.

We offer a range of products well suited to pro audio applications, and if you have a unique application we’ll be glad to help you get up and running.

BK Live!

Robert Kearns

Bass Player for Sheryl Crow

"I love my ButtKickers. I cannot imagine any bass player not realizing how much they help keep things tight. I have known many drummers that swear by them and even recently met a keyboard guy that had them under his seat and said he would never part with 'em. I have found them to be a valuable tool for all music types and intensities I have played throughout my career with James Ingram, Lynyrd Skynyrd and now Sheryl Crowe. The difference is amazing, it’s like the difference in watching a movie on a cheap tv vs. seeing it in a theater. I tell everyone, do yourself a favor... get a ButtKicker."

Jeff Kathan

Paul Rodgers Band

"I’m in the studio making a record and finally had a chance to hook it all up and A-B it and it is AWESOME!

I love the [original] ButtKicker, but the [new] ButtKicker is FANTASTIC. ... it just absolutely gives you exactly what you want.

It’s really great. I’ll put my name on that for sure. I’ve already called a bunch of my friends and let ‘em know that if you don’t have this, you’re missing the boat! This is the one. I’m making a record here in Seattle and one in LA at the same time. I’m heading to the studio now if you want to reach me. Just wanted to say “Carry On !” and thanks a lot."

BK Live!

What The Pros Say

Megadeth - Shawn Drover

“I have been using ButtKicker since I joined Megadeth in 2004 and it is an integral part of my live rig. Often drummer's sacrifice "feeling" that live experience during a live performance, but with the ButtKicker this will no longer ever be an issue. It will literally knock you off your drum throne if you crank it up enough-I have mine set to where it almost does and I love it!!!!!! I simply will not play live without my ButtKicker-end of story."

Tower of Power - David Garibaldi

"The ButtKicker has helped me to feel my bass drum as well as hear it. Oftentimes the sound of my bass drum is lost with the bass. The ButtKicker has changed all of that"

The Mickey Hart Band - Mickey Hart

“Thanks to my ButtKickers, I can actually FEEL the low end on stage which my in ear monitors just can’t re-create. I haven’t played a show in two years without ‘em and there’s no going back!

The Mickey Hart Band - Dave Schools

“I hate using ear monitors as a bassist because I can’t feel the dynamics of the music. The ButtKicker system returns the earth shaking feeling of standing in front of my speakers in spades… without all the volume. And I love that.”

Creed - Scott Phillips; Scott Boculac - monitor engineer

How do you feel about our product, the ButtKicker?
“Well, it’s definitely the best I've used so far.....”

How does the ButtKicker compare to other products that you have used?
“It’s the only one that does what it’s supposed to do without breaking.”

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate it?
“I’d give it a nine.... "

Would you recommend the ButtKicker to other bands?
“Definitely, I have already!”

On a discussion about other products:
“We’ve used the... [other products] . It’s an irritating problem when it shuts down.”"

The Clarks - David Minarik, jr.

The ButtKicker fills a void..."

Third Eye Blind - Brad Hardgreaves

On Tuesday August 20, 2002 , we interviewed Brad Hardgreaves (Drummer) and Scott Sullivan, (monitor engineer) of Third Eye Blind.

First, we had the pleasure to speak with Brad Hardgreaves, drummer for Third Eye Blind:

Can you tell us a little bit about how you feel about The ButtKicker?
"It works nice on the stand. It is nice not to use the subwoofer for a while. It’s easy to adjust and rotate on the throne."

How does the ButtKicker compare with other products that you have tried?
"You just can’t move the other shakers. They broke and were inconsistent. But the ButtKicker has worked every night."

On a scale form one to ten, how would you rate our product?
“I’d give it a ten-definitely!!"

Do you have any additional comments about The ButtKicker?
“It’s great! I have gotten used to the way it feels. When I go to clubs, and don’t have it under me, I feel lost without it. I’m like, Where did it go?”

Comments from, Shawn Sullivan monitor engineer for Third Eye Blind:
“I tried to blow it up-believe me I’ve tried. The other shakers blow up every *** month, but not this one!” “I have to say that the ButtKicker is the strongest shaker ever made. It’s the first time anybody’s ever said, “too much.” One of the band members even mounted the ButtKicker in a mediocre position and the guys still couldn't’t use it to its full power. They yelled, “Turn it down!””

Cowboy Mouth - Fred LeBlanc

"The ButtKicker is a God send. It helps me get the kick drum I need without sacrificing my hearing and without sacrificing monitor wedges. It just makes me a better player."

Counting Crows - Ben Mize

[The ButtKicker] "...very accurately displays the low-end, more accurate than wedges."
"Most accurate depiction of low-end that I have ever had."

Email excerpts - Heath

"I do have some information to report on the ButtKicker though.

A friend of mine who is a bass player and engineering guru has a love for this type of stuff like I do. After talking with him he was very excited to help on this little project. Turns out he has an older Carvin amp and some other gear that we decided to use and give the Buttkicker a try. Our first run with the equipment was on Friday night in my basement.

For this run we used my electronic d-drums to supply the sound source. By using different kick drum samples and then tuning them various ways I was able to get anywhere from a nice round thump to something so deep and low that it knocked you around quite a bit. For kicks I took a 26" kick sample and totally detuned it. All I can say is wow. Nothing you'd ever use really, but the shear force of it was rather impressive. I think at that point the [other brand] would have been done and totally out of the game as it would have been totally destroyed.

…I was totally blown away how much the Buttkicker moves. I was not expecting that at all after using the [other brand] .The mount on the [other brand] pales in comparison, but is just not subject to the amount of force that the ButtKicker produces (which is to be expected since the concept of the two is night and day).

After Fridays testing we were encouraged enough after using Dave's amp that we decided to go ahead and try the ButtKicker out in a live setting. My band had a show Saturday night so we loaded everything up and tried it with just a kick drum (Friday we also mixed in some toms and snare). Dave had an extra kick drum mic and a mixer so we had complete control over everything. After a quick set up we had the thing working and it was working as well if not better than Friday night with the electronic samples. My band played about an hour and fifteen minute set and it was really cool. I was still using a small wedge as I haven't gone in-ears yet, but just after using it this much I am about 100% sure this is the way to go if you can.

Just from this small batch of testing I can honestly say I really have no interest in the [other brand] unit anymore. Granted, it is a different animal and it has it's merits, but I can't see the weekend drummer like myself being able to get on board with it. It produces a nice thump, but nothing like the Buttkicker and I would be on pins and needles worrying that it would get fried. Plus, the nicest model is $200 more than the Buttkicker so to me at this point the decision is a no-brainer."