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Bring Home Theater to Life

ButtKicker brand products let you FEEL the Action and Excitement in your movies.

Get ready for the most fun you've ever had watching a movie at home. Feel all the action and excitement - just like being at a 4D special effects theater. ButtKicker® 4D brings family movie-time to life. Using patented technology, ButtKicker products connect to your couch or chairs and send the FEELING of special effects, explosions, rocket launches, racing engines, music and much more right through it and the viewers. It's a new, immersive dimension in home entertainment.

Home Theater

Solutions for Every Home Theater, Media Room, and Living Room

ButtKicker products easily install to every kind of seating, from high end home theater chairs to your trusty comfy recliner. The Individual Seat Control Kits are quick and easy to install and add depth, immersion, and impact to your viewing experience. This is the home theater upgrade that changes everything!

Simple to Install

ButtKicker Individual Seat Control Kits

Easily install to any seat. Use the single mini Concert kit for small and medium seats. Or, add more power with the dual mini LFE kit.

Both kits include mounting plates that simply slide under the leg of your chair, install is over in minutes!

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