Commercial Installations

ButtKicker products bring excitement and depth
to theaters, amusements and rides.

4D Entertainment

ButtKicker brand products are used around the world in demanding commercial applications.

ButtKicker products bring excitement and depth to theaters, amusements and rides. Contact to learn how 4D Entertainment can be added to your install.



Indonesia (100 Seats)

LifeFormations designers have installed 100 ButtKicker products into a new theater in Indonesia. LifeFormations is a leading designer of attractions and dark rides, worldwide.

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Center of Science & Industry

Columbus, OH (225 Seats)

The Center of Science and Industry (COSI), Columbus, OH, was the first public installation of ButtKicker-brand products. COSI has four venues with ButtKicker products including the Dome Theater, with 86 ButtKicker Products mounted throughout the seating area.

Kennedy Space Center

Cape Canaveral, FL (430 Seats)

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, has two ButtKicker-equipped exhibits, including a 270-person standing platform which simulates a space shuttle launch... and four, 40-seat flight simulators, featuring 180 full-sized ButtKicker LFE units... one unit mounted to each seat, with twenty additional units mounted to the flooring beneath each seating section.

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USA & China Pavilion Theaters

Shanghai, China (1200 Seats)

At Expo 2010, Shanghai, China, Electrosonic and BRC Imagination Arts designers incorporated 140 ButtKicker products into the 700 seat China Telecom Pavilion and 208 products into the 500 seat USA Pavilion Theater, providing 4D experiences for over 17 million visitors throughout the duration of the show.

NCTA Capitol Hill Theater

Washington, D.C. (101 Seats)

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA), Washington DC, features a 101-seat, state- of-the-art HD theater, with a special floating floor designed specifically for 26 ButtKicker low frequency transducers. Literally hundreds of US Senators and Congressmen, President’s Cabinet members, White House staffers and international leaders and dignitaries have experienced ButtKicker technology in this facility.

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Macao Science Center

Macao, China (135 Seats)

The Macao (China) Science Center Planetarium, has approximately 135 seats equipped with 86 ButtKicker products.

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Union Theater

Springfield, IL (250 Seats)

The Union Theater, at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Springfield IL, uses 125 ButtKickers throughout the 250-seat theater seating area. During a dramatic battle sequence, the room resounds with the impact of cannons and explosions.

Hershey’s Really Big Show

Hershey, PA (250 Seats)

The HERSHEY’S REALLY BIG 3D SHOW, Hershey PA, is a technically-advanced 250-seat theater, which features a sound system designed by Clair Brothers, including 82 ButtKicker products mounted to the theater seating framework.

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