All Media Capital Financing Options for ButtKicker

All Media Capital Financing Options for ButtKicker

All Media Capital, a leading lending source that specializes exclusively in the Professional Video, Audio, Broadcast/Television Production, Postproduction, Digital Cinema and Signage Media Industries, is pleased to announce that it can now finance The Guitammer’s Company “ButtKicker® Cinema System” as part of either a large cinema financing package or on a standalone basis.


Guitammer’s “ButtKicker Cinema System” (“BKCS”) has been deployed worldwide with over 45,000 cinema seats installed in over 14 countries for exhibitors such as AMC, Regal, regional and small US circuits, as well as worldwide installations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Saudi, Qatar, UAE and Europe.


BKCS works for any type of seat – traditional, tip-up and recliner, and any type of movie in any language automatically giving all exhibitors the level of immersion they desire at an affordable price. BKCS installations are maintenance free so that the total cost of ownership year one, year five, ten or more years will continue to be on budget as part of OPEX and not CAPEX.

“ButtKicker is our secret sauce….the system is worth every penny and we’re glad we added them.” “[We are] very pleased with the results …. and the guest reactions we have received.”

“ButtKicker is an essential part of our PLF offering and we wouldn’t do one without them.”

All Media Capital offers an attractive five-year lease rate on the ButtKicker Cinema System that can average less than $1,000 / month for an average auditorium of approximately 100 seats with a return on investment in less than one year for exhibitors. Additional terms and rates are available as well.**


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Jeff Thomas at 714-671-4100 / or Chase Quinn at 714-985-6208 / For more information on the ButtKicker Cinema System please visit or contact Mark Luden at



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***Legal Disclaimer***

The information in this press release is for general purposes only. All Media Capital and The Guitammer Company do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of this information.

All Media Capital and The Guitammer Company are not liable for any loss or damage arising from using this press release.

The mentioned lease rate is illustrative; actual rates may vary and are subject to credit approval and terms.

For detailed information, please contact All Media Capital directly.

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