ButtKicker Individual Seat Control System (BKA-130-C, 2 mini-LFE)

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ButtKicker Individual Seat Control System - Includes 1 BKA-130-C power amplifier and 2 ButtKicker mini LFE transducers.
 Double The Power with 2 Mini LFE Transducers

The ButtKicker Individual Seat Control System™ is the ultimate in home theater customization. Bring powerful, realistic, accurate bass to your home theater. And, the ability to control each seat individually! Works with all brands of home theater seating, take your recliners to the next level.


Individual Seat Control

The included BKA-130-C power amplifier comes with a wired remote control. Now each seat in your theater can customize the ButtKicker experience. Want more amazing tactile response; turn it up. Know everyone can fine tune their favorite seat.

ButtKicker Enable Your Entire Theater

Each BKA-130-C power amp includes a RCA output to "daisy chain" signal between seats. Add addtional Individual Seat Control System kits to ButtKicker Enable your whole theater.

Easy Installation - Includes 2 BK-CMAK Mounting Kit a $79.90 Value.

Now includes the updated ButtKicker Couch Chair Mounting Kit, providing for easier installation on all chairs. Simply attach the mini LFE to the CMAK plate and place under 1 leg of your chair.  View the CMAK Instruction Guide.

Installation is a breeze. Simply attach the ButtKicker mini Concert transducer to the frame of your chair. Then simply place the BKA-130-C amp underneath or behind your chair. The Quick Start Guide simplifies the install and our tech support is always glad to help with any questions who may have.

High Quality Cable Set, A $15.95 Value

Included are all the cables necessary to connect to most home theater systems, gaming consoles and TV's. Included are a RCA "Y" adapter, 1 m RCA male to male cable and a Speaker Level Interface Adapter" for connecting to your home theater or gaming system (whether "pre-out" powered subwoofer out, "passive" subwoofer out or simply a "line-out").

What's in the Box?

The ButtKicker® Individual Seat Control System™ includes 2 ButtKicker® mini LFE transducers, a BKA-130-C power amp, cable set, 2 ButtKicker Couch Chair Mounting Kit

ButtKicker® Kit Owner's Manuals

Quick Start Guide

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  • 5
    Game changer

    Posted by Orlando Farias-Rivera on Jun 15th 2021

    This is a must have for gamers and movie lovers. It also works great with live concerts. I absolutely love this product and friends that come over are equally impressed when they experience it. This is the perfect solution apartment dwellers who love bass. I have been using the buttkicker non stop and have gotten no complaints from downstairs neighbors.

  • 4
    Nice addition to home theater.

    Posted by Taylor on Jan 22nd 2021

    Easy installation and hookup to system. The effect is awesome with video games such as Battlefield V, providing a nice thud to gunshots and explosions. Wasn’t particularly impressed with movies, but might not have watched the right material yet. You’ll want to turn it off for music, just seems unnatural. All things considered seems a bit expensive for what you get but I’m still pleased with it.

  • 4
    Love it!

    Posted by Devin Loney on Nov 23rd 2020

    If you sim race, this is a no brainer. This truly brings your rig to life. I don't think I can race without it now.

  • 4
    Great product

    Posted by Alex on Oct 26th 2020

    These small shakers are very powerful and are amazing for any project you have. One thing I didn't realize when I bought them was the amp is only a mono amp I should of read the description closer other than I have to buy another amp still a very great and solid product

  • 5
    Kick-ass system

    Posted by Carlos on Jan 20th 2020

    Been if looking for more bass but not able to in an apartment dwelling. Thanks to the butt-kickers, I’m able to have bass and not inconvenience the neighbors!

    Thanks butt-kickers!!!